‘The Noise Bringer’ Guitar


This mystical guitar was born from the tortured souls of two famously fictional, conjoined twin blues musicians, giving it the ultimate gritty tone that’ll make any riff sound extra dirty. Forged by hand, this cigar box guitar is guaranteed to beguile anyone that hears its howl. Its four devilish strings are tuned to growl in an open G (GDGB), which is known to rattle your bones.

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The Noise Bringer’s fully-fretted neck is carved from one solid piece of Poplar timber and a mahogany bridge. A hand-cut bottle neck slide will help you drift into your blues. It also includes a piezo-disk pickup so you can plug-in to an amp and let those riffs shake some souls.


Each hat is shipped using high quality recyclable mail bags/envelopes to make sure they arrive unharmed by your local postal worker.

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Weight 1.07 kg
Dimensions 83 x 20 x 7 cm