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I’m Batman!

Well, minus all the money…and the Batmobile…and the cape…and the bats. So yeah, I’m just a man really. My name’s not even Bruce!

Alternative Aesthetics is a human, known to some as Colin Kersley. From the depths of his drawing cave in Cardiff (South Wales), he unleashes illustrations from his brain in glorious black and white!

Only, on his ‘about’ page does he sometimes refer to himself in the third person. Because it’s weird to do it in conversation…apparently.

What I do

I use a delicate mix of weird ideas, voodoo, my bear hands, and drawing tools to create illustrations to sustain my soul (and pay my bills). These are a few of the things that I’ll create illustrations for.

Got something else in mind? Just say my name three times and I’ll appear!

To be on the safe side, send me an email too!

What I Do

Who I’ve worked with

Just a handful of the lovely folks that have asked me to draw something for them.

Fancy seeing your name in that list? Get in touch and let’s create something fun!

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