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OFFF 2016

OFFF Barcelona 2016

Posted on 6 June 2016

It’s that time of year again where my creative batteries get a solid recharge from the wonderful city of Barcelona and the amazing OFFF festival!

Don’t worry, I’m not going to try to encapsulate three days of brain-filling talks into this blog post or make you jealous by spewing details of how much of a great time I had. Instead, I’m just going to highlight a small selection of the speakers that you should really try and see if you get the chance, as well as a work from some of the artists that presented this year. Don’t worry, I’ll keep it brief!

People to see:

  • Paula Scher from Pentagram gave an interesting insight into designing for social and cultural spaces.
  • Sid Lee explored the balance between their client work and the importance of “proudly wasting time and money” on personal projects.
  • Mr Bingo is just pure illustrative/rapping entertainment. His talk is definitely worth a watch for brilliant work and a hilarious sense of humour.

Work to check out:

  • Hiro Murai is an incredible film-maker that produces some fantastic music videos.
  • Golden Wolf consistently unleash motion graphics with a serious grit and kick to it.
  • Dan Mumford’s illustrations are pure eye candy. Intricate detail and layering with a great balance of colour and shadows.

Special Mention:

  • The Six & Five Studio deserve a special mention! This was probably one of my favourite talks I’ve seen at any conference so far. It was organised chaos at it’s best. Rummaging through a messy desktop to reveal projects, insights, gifs, and humorous notes throughout whilst giving a commentary on everything Six & Five do and believe in. It was definitely a festival highlight!

If you’re in need of a creative boost and some sun, you really need to go to OFFF 2017…and maybe I’ll see you there!