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New Studio

New Studio / Drawing Cave!

Posted on 12 February 2016

Batman had the Batcave…I now have a new drawing cave! It’s been in the works for a few months but my new studio is finally finished so I can get back to drawing stuff.

After years of working at a desk that’s usually located way too close to my bed, I’ve finally had the chance to create a space purely to work from…well, play in. It’s been a big project from scraping the walls, plastering, laying skirting boards, painting, fitting lights, building shelving, installing blinds to those finishing details of hanging prints, painting a mural, and arranging various succulents.

The idea for the space was to create somewhere that I can escape and get in that creative mindset and zone out from the rest of the world a bit. When I need a break from the Cintique, there’s a drum kit to let loose on. It’s pretty much my ultimate playground!

As well as it being a fun space, practicality was very important. I needed enough space to create, be inspired, play, and work. Storing stock was vital too and that’s been given an area of it’s own with custom shelving hidden from view behind a black roller blind. I also added a white roller blind above the door to act as a backdrop for product photography. There is plenty of storage for prints, rough drawings or paperwork, as well as a small creative library.

I’m excited to see how the studio changes as time passes and I’m just so happy that I have a creative space to call home!